Bayles Salted Peanuts

George E. Bayle Co, c. 1910, 27 1/4". I've always liked this model and lusted after one for a long time before I got this one. It sold 5¢ boxes of peanuts and would be just a traditional ol' L-vendor were it not for the embossed coin mechanism on the side, but that piece makes a big impact on the overall look and desirability of the machine. It's the feature that sets this model apart. Embossed on the front of that mechanism is the following:


Not much, really, but need it say more?

Apparently 2 versions of this machine exist, which I didn't realize until I consulted Silent Salesmen Too before writing this description. The version pictured above is the shorter of the 2 at a fraction over 27 inches; the other is about 6 inches taller and is purportedly a bit skinnier than this one. It looks like everything else is the same. I don't know which version, if either, is earlier or more common.

The example above is 100% original except for the back door, the painted lettering on the sides, and perhaps the black inpainting on the housing around the turn handle. The new lettering on the version above says "St. Louis, MO" in small letters beneath "Bayle's Salted Peanuts" on the side, but I don't know if that was there originally or is an artist's embellishment. I'd normally think it was right, but I don't think that "MO" was a widely used abbreviation for Missouri in the early 1900s, and I'm inclined to reserve judgement until I learn differently.

I no longer own this machine.



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