Regal Products Co., c. 1930's, 12 1/2". According to Silent Salesmen Too this is the first Regal model. According to my friend Dave it's the most impressive-looking "low end machine" in existence. I agree with both.

The body and lid are cast iron, the mechanism is mostly aluminum, and the globe is glass. Let's face it: The paint makes this machine. Paint it solid red (or blue, or green, or black) and you'd have an attractive, well-balanced, but conventional machine. Put the crackle paint on it and man! don't she be lookin' fine?

I've seen at least 3 different flaps for this. All are the same shape, but they have different Wisconsin cities listed on them. I don't know why, and it makes me wonder what the city names mean on the flap. How many locations did Regal have in Wisconsin?

Besides red on black crackle paint, I've seen orange on black and brown on black. Of these, methinks scarcity increases along that same rank order.

The machine pictured above is 100% original. I've seen few Regals with original decals. The one pictured above is affixed to the outside of the glass.



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