Wrigley's Arrowman Gum Rack

A.L. Hansen Mfg. Co, Chicago, IL, c. 1920's?; 13 1/2". I've liked this display since I first saw one at an Indy Ad Show in the early 2000's, but they were always overpriced or had some flaw, such as a new face, and I had to wait several years to find a nice original example reasonably priced. This strikes me as a piece from the 1920's, although I can't put my finger on why.

As you can see above, the stand encourages you to "BE SURE IT'S WRIGLEY'S." On the back of this piece between the shoulder blades, is stamped:


Below that is a paper tag indicating the flavors and where to put 'em. Here's what it says: "Attention When Refilling: Please display only Wrigley Brands, as per illustration below. Racks are made to hold these size boxes. WRIGLEY JR. COMPANY" The accompanying illustration shows Double Mint, Spearmint, "P.K. 4's Handy Pack," and Juicy Fruit as the recommended flavors.

The faces on these displays are usually cracked or are reproductions. The way to tell a repro from an original is that the reproductions are opague, while the originals are translucent. Hold each up to a light and the difference is immediately apparent.

The rack pictured above is a nice example. It's 100% original with a perfect face, and the body and accent paints are in good condition. The paper label on the back is only about 85% there, but that's more than most have.



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