Columbus Model 34

Columbus Vending Company, Columbus, OH, c. 1936, 14". The design of this machine is similar to that of the Model 21, but this vends one gumball for a penny instead of bulk product. Like other Columbus of that era, the Model 34 was available in dark cardinal red, deep forest green, and light green porcelain. Most of the Model 34's I've seen have been green porcelainized cast iron. An aluminum version was available in both 5-cent and 25-cent versions, and the 25-cent version came with or without the extended base shown in Silent Salesmen Too.

At one point I must have seen several available in quick succession, because I thought it was a fairly easy machine to find. My impression has changed, though; it's been years since I've seen a nice original example available for sale. The Columbus small octagonal globe (#3) and large octagonal globe (#4) are both correct, but given the choice most collectors prefer the #3. Barrel locks are correct on the Model 34.

An advanced Columbus collector I know has a NOS 5 cent version with porcelain over cast iron with a round porcelainized cast iron lid, like that on the Model 46. He was told that only 5 of those are known to exist.

The example above is 100% original and has a #4 globe.

Many thanks to Roy Leatherberry for his critical review of this page.



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